Film Outtakes


Model: Wesseling Alexandra
(First shoot/video with the 5DMII – I call him Chase!)

Just a couple of stills/outtakes from a short film I did for one of my school projects last term. In case some of you are wondering how this has anything to do with studying in a business school, this was for a “Creative Thinking” class where it was left up to us how we wanted to present our final project. So I thought, why not a short fashion film?

The film for the assignment was done more during the first shoot but I’ve also taken some other videos (and photos) during the second shoot to compile it into a personal one for the blog/portfolio and I can’t wait to show you more of the photos from there! Shout out to my lovely girl and the assistants who helped me out for this project: Thank you!

On a side note, my vacation has been nothing short of productive, and I’ve had some really awesome shoots that I can’t wait to get down to editing! How’s December treating all of you? xxx

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  1. (This is my n-th time trying to post here. I can’t comment with my LJ account :()

    Looking forward to the rest of this series! And hope you got an awesome grade for this project! ^^

  2. Cheyenne – Haven’t gotten down to putting them together! Maybe later this month! :) x

    Amy – thank you lovely xx

    Wh – Oh no how come? :( (Visited your old blog btw, you don’t look very much different hehe) And thank you, I hope so too!!! (: