Curves Giveaway IV

royalty by beautifuladieu

royalty by beautifuladieu

I hope you enjoy it! Just some usual ethics:
1. Credit if you use!
2. Do not redistribute for profit; and
3. Don’t hesitate to share how it turns out on your photos! I’d love to see them :)

This is for all of you, who have given me your undying support and love. For those who’ve voted for me (or even nominated me?!) for the Nuffnang Blog Awards ♥ Without all of you, I wouldn’t have the courage to continue what I’m doing or even reach out for more. Thank you so much :’)

Happy new year, may the year bring us more beautiful photographs and memories.
Also, thank you for over 700 likes on my Facebook page! xxx

The royalty curve gives a splash of vibrancy to your photos, adding a somewhat gold-ish pop and some contrast to enhance details. Best used on adequately lit photos and sunkissed skin. ♥

royalty by beautifuladieu

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  1. Hi there!

    Was trying to download this set of curves but the link is broken :( Would you by any chance have an alternative link for this?

    Really love your photos btw! :D