Hoard @ Studio


Only selected 4 of my faves for each of the look we shot, but you can view the full lookbook on Hoard’s website!

Model: Collette Miles
MUAH: Parichat Naidu
Jewelry: Hoard
Photographer: Amanda W.
Studio: Ink n Light
Equipment: Canon 5DMII + 24-70mm f/2.8L + Studio Lights
Flickr: Hoard


Behind the scenes:
(Taken with the 50mm)


(More of these will be up on my Facebook page!)

My first studio shoot and a lookbook that I did for Hoard in January; and it was a really fun experience! I also got my 24-70mm and used it that day and boy, was it heavy! I definitely gained some arm muscles from the four-hour shoot but the wonderful crew I worked with made everything worth it! Collette was such a breeze to work with, and Parichat (who has styled 3 other shoots with me) was brilliant as usual! And not forgetting, Hoard/Jeremy for his beautiful pieces and Felicia for helping out with the styling!

P.S. Thank you for over 100 followers on my blog! :) I’ve also decided to announce the giveaway only after my travels, as I will probably be getting little knickknacks here to giveaway! Stay tuned! x

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  1. Collette is very beautiful, her tattoo is intruguing!
    Oh, and those bts shots are just so msmerizing. love the vibe, i can feel the excitement behind your lens :)

  2. I just came across your blog and you have lovely pictures! I’m from Singapore too and am moving back there in just a week! So it was a really nice surprise to run into your blog here :) Keep it up! Yay for Singapore picture-takers <3