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    & how come idk singapore so pretty hehe anyway so glad to have sneak a little preview from you that day :>

    x, ruby
    (Cannot comment using my lj account, your blog last warning)

  2. Niceeeee! I second Ruby, I like the MRT shot a lot :3 Oh, and the one of your cousin! Which reminds me that I really should bring my rolls out to develop soon. Im too lazy /:

  3. Cheyenne – thank you! :) xx
    Wenhui – hehe been busy and lazy! :p
    Ruby – hahaha sure thing hon, i love the mrt shot too! (i’m sorry i really don’t know how to help blahhhhh :( )
    Anon – thank you :) x
    Fiona – I love that shot too! :> hehe yes please do i want to see them!!! (i also kept these rolls for as long as 4 months!)
    Wei Chuan – thanks wc! :) yes very interesting photo, was an accident on my part haha!

  4. hello,
    this might come off as a little random but i thought u wld most prob hv explored many of the hidden areas in singapore. ive been trying to figure this place out.. its foresty with abandoned nostalgic swings/wooden ladder steps on ropes hung on trees..ive seen pics of this place on ljs before. was wondering if u’d be able to share whr this particular place is? and perhaps, suggest other places (of similar theme/vast grassland areas/old stuff ect?) been wanting to capture pics of such places. rly looking forward to your reply:’) i really love your pics they are amazing and so inspirational. thanks so much for reading this lengthy comment!