Runway Bandits Lookbook II

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runway bandits lookbook ii
runway bandits lookbook ii
runway bandits lookbook ii
runway bandits lookbook ii
runway bandits lookbook ii
runway bandits lookbook ii
runway bandits lookbook ii
runway bandits lookbook ii
runway bandits lookbook ii
runway bandits lookbook ii
runway bandits lookbook ii

Model: Irina Tan (Cal-Carries)
Wardrobe: Runway Bandits
Photographer: Amanda Wong
Equipment: 5DMII + 50mm f/1.4
Flickr: runway bandits lookbook ii

This was shot in December for Runway Bandits with Irina (whom I loveeee working with) at a house we call the Midget Residence because the ceiling height is probably only about 2m. :b

I really love this lookbook, also because it’s RWB, edgy and there’s Irina, and a lot of white! Photographers out there (in Singapore), you gotta work with her! She’s versatile and so creative with her poses, she keeps me inspired throughout the shoot. :)

It’s officially been a year since working with RWB, they were my my first client/paid shoot since establishing beautifuladieu as a business and I’m so happy to have such a great client as a friend :> (SY, if you’re reading this – we’re bound for life now ok hahaha)

Looking at the past 11 lookbooks I’ve done for them, I’ve seen decent improvement in the way I shoot and edit. (In that period, I forced myself to learn Photoshop to edit better, and I guess I can say I’m pretty proficient in basic Photoshop now. :B) And whut, despite all the tight deadlines and juggling school work at the same time, I can only say that I love what I do more and more everyday. :)

Thank you for keeping me going!

P.S. If you have me on instagram/facebook, you would already know that I just bought a new lens for myself! *Drumroll* ……….yes, the 85mm f/1.2L! The same lens I rented for the Dear Laura shoot – I fell in love with it the moment I touched it the first time. I already had my first shoot with it yesterday with Earl Grey Party, and it was nothing short of fantastic! Here’s a preview :)

earlgreyparty (85L preview!)

So excited to be shooting with this beauty from now on!
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  • Greg says:

    You have some awesome shots!

  • Hannah says:

    so lovely!! you obviously put a lot of thought into each frame :)

    another place in time

  • rebeccamai says:

    Hello Amanda,

    I first came across your work when looking through at the lookbook you’ve done for Runwaybandits label and must say you’re really talented! I’ll probably never get tired looking at your photos because each photos were captured at different angle, which I found very refreshing :)

    I’m a fashion media student from Lasalle and very into fashion photography too. Actually I’m doing my school assignment and *desperately* searching for white house to shoot my concept. And I just remember you shot this campaign back in December haha. Could you please let me know where is this house you shot Irina at? I promise I’ll keep it confidential. Since it’s school assignment, it’d be strictly non-commercial as well. I’d appreciate it so muchhhhh. Please get back to me at :)

    Thank you and have a nice day, Amanda!

    Rebecca Mai

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