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  1. I feel you about the BS industry, and likewise I’m lessening the shoots on my end as well but it’s a battle between creativity and livelihood so… Ohwell. Jiayou for school work and congrats on the A’s you’ve gotten! (:

  2. Beautiful pics once again Amanda! I always look forward to your posts :)

    So know what you mean/how you feel with regards to photography. I’m currently in a photography rut, and looking to be inspired again and challenged creatively. Hoping future travels will ignite that passion once again!

    Can’t wait to see more of your stuff :)

  3. @Wenhui: Thank you lovely! :>

    @Fiona: That’s right about the battle between creativity and livelihood. I guess more so for you since you’re doing it full-time now! Thankfully I can afford to withdraw a little more to “find myself” with school as a safety net. But thank youuuu, all the best to you too! (:

    @Tessa: Thanks so much Tessa, loving the photos on your blog too! I agree, and traveling opens your eyes to so much more things. While you’re currently overseas (yes?) you should take road trips more often, and hang around with like-minded individuals. Join Flickr gatherings or meet other photographers in the area to collaborate and things like that, it can really make you excited again. I’m sure all artists go through the same stage, but it’s not about falling, it’s always about learning to get up! Hoping the best for you, Tessa! :)

  4. You’re really lucky to have the opportunity to grow your name as a photographer by shooting for these blogshops, but I TOTALLY get what you mean about it stifling your creativity where you probably feel more like a tool to shoot photos rather than actually being part of the planning process (because you have to balance between including your own input and “pleasing the client”).

    I’d personally say that if you’ve grown your own brand name in photography (which you have) that you CAN push more of your own ideas in, and maybe you DO have more say than you think you have! Correct me if i’m wrong since I haven’t worked much in this area ;)

    • Hey Monica, sorry for the crazily late reply! :o
      Completely agree with you, it hasn’t been a problem incorporating my own ideas and feedback into shoots.
      It’s just that you can’t defer much from the expected outcomes of a shoot all the time, and doing that regularly just takes a toll.
      I took a 2 month break and now I’m back again with fresh perspective :) Thank you for your forthcomingness! xo