Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011

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Please vote for my blog! <3
Beautiful sunset after my latest shoot

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news today! Jayne from Nuffnang (an APAC blog advertising community, if you haven’t heard!) emailed me this afternoon to say that I’ve been shortlisted as a finalist to represent Singapore for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 under the category Hidden Gem! The other 5 finalists will be from Malaysia, China, Philippines, Australia and Hong Kong!

It’s such an honour really, so thank you to whoever who nominated my blog! :)
*Taken from @NAPBAS: [Did you know] Each #NAPBAS finalist went through a grueling scoring 
process by 11 judges from different industry backgrounds.

I was quite shocked when I read the email, thinking how in the world would my blog be even that public, considering I only moved over to 2 months ago. It only made sense to me when I was told of the category. I can’t say I have the best pictures or the best writings like the blogs I read, but I know that I blog just to share my passion and the things I see with the world and I’m so glad and thankful even for the silent readers I have!

Thank you for all the support each one of you have given me. I remember those who comment every now and then, here or there, and the people who’ve sent me lovely emails, text messages and inboxed me on Facebook. I’m truly blessed just doing what I love and I couldn’t have asked for more, so thank you. ♥

Anyway, the awards will be held in Kuala Lumpur, 16 December 2011 and it would be a completely out-of-the-world experience for me; going somewhere foreign probably with a whole group of celebrity bloggers. Maybe I’ll bring Chase (my camera’s name) along on his first overseas trip and snap some shots around Malaysia! It’s going to be very exciting, I bet!

Now for some shameless self-publicity: Voting starts tomorrow (15 November) all the way till 27 November 2011! It’s open to public so it doesn’t matter whether you’re from Singapore or not. Your support means a lot to me and I’d really appreciate every vote and be ever so grateful! You can cast a vote once every 2 hours and that goes on for 14 days,

So please vote for beautifuladieu! ♥
So please vote for beautifuladieu! ♥
So please vote for beautifuladieu! ♥

The finalist with the highest votes wins 50% of the competition already (while the rest is up to the judges)! Definitely no obligations, but if you think I really deserve this award, please do lend me your support by voting! :) I’d also love if you’d be an angel to share this post, but only if you want to!

I know it’s too early to say, but I’ll probably have a print or another curves giveaway after the awards are over as my token of gratitude, whether I win or not!

On another note, I’m not usually one who releases preview images but on the account of this special post, here’s a preview of one of the next series I’m working on. I’m also making a short fashion film and can’t wait to show you guys what I have! But for now, I’ll have to study for my exams which starts next week. Oh the pressure…

Please vote for my blog! <3
Garland I made 2 weeks ago

Model: Wesseling Alexandra
Photographer: Amanda W.

Sorry for such a text-heavy post, that’s usually not my style!
All my love to all of you! xx

P.S. Also, don’t miss out on the free curves I just released yesterday! Leave a link to your picture or post on my wall if you want to share how it looks on your photo! :) I’ve seen a couple so far, and they all look really lovely, so keep them coming!

Please vote for my blog! <3
Here’s one stacked with the coldhearted then dreamcatcher curve

Have you voted?

P.P.S: Read Amelia‘s feature on beautifuladieu here! :’) Thank you! x

Update: Thank you for all that you’ve done so far. I really appreciate every single vote for Beautifuladieu for the NN Blog Awards! It doesn’t really matter whether I win or not because being a finalist is already such a surprise and an honour (I didn’t even know I got nominated in the first place!) So really, thank you all so much! I don’t deserve such kindness. xxx

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