out of focus

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out of focus
out of focus
out of focus
out of focus
out of focus

Model: Inez Caroline
Photographer: Amanda W.
Flickr: out of focus

Short series that I did with Inez a couple of months ago. Definitely not something that I always venture into/upload a lot – out of focus shots; movement and grain.

Lots of collaborations & shoots coming up in December, and I’m really excited! Can’t wait!
I’m also looking for Caucasians/Eurasians for test shoots (in Singapore) in December, if you know of any to recommend or would like to work with me, drop me an email at enquiries@beautifuladieu.com!

Also, shout out to Amelia who did a feature on beautifuladieu on her blog! :’) Thank you! x

Thank you for all that you’ve done so far. I really appreciate every single vote for Beautifuladieu for the NN Blog Awards! It doesn’t really matter whether I win or not because being a finalist is already such a surprise and an honour (I didn’t even know I got nominated in the first place!) So really, thank you all so much! I don’t deserve such kindness. xxx

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